Communication is crucial.

“Communication” is a very big word.  Almost everything we do – in business or in personal life – involves communicating.

Within our media-saturated, hyper-connected world, how will your message reach its target?

You need someone with expertise, skill, experience, and a keen sense of the how to combine the power of the right words with the right tool or platform.

You need Inscape.

“Inscape” is a word coined by 19th century poet Gerard Manley Hopkins to describe the uniqueness and individuality of everything: every person, message and communication.

Inscape Communications seeks to help you and your company find the right words to express your unique message, to reach your audiences effectively, and to capture their interest and imaginations.

Inscape Communications has experience in the following areas:  public relations, media relations, community relations, social media, website content, print materials, surveys and research.  My strengths are in strategic planning, research and writing.  I would be delighted to discuss Inscape Communications’ services in greater detail with you.  You can contact me, Richelle Wiseman,  at:

Because the right words matter.